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Kanehiro Co., Ltd.

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The Kanehiro brand

The Kanehiro brand

Becoming the best supplier we can be.

At Kanehiro, our primary business is supplying parts to manufacturers of construction and other heavy equipment. The parts we make are essential to the assembly of the heavy equipment our customers build. We relish the responsibility of making such important parts, and take great pride in manufacturing each and every one of them.
We have rivals, both in Japan and around the world, in the same line of business, but none can offer the same levels of expertise, execution, and commitment to quality as Kanehiro.
At the root of each Kanehiro-brand part, there pulsates the thought and commitment to meet any challenge as well as an unchanging entrepreneurial spirit that has been passed down continually since our founding.

For inquiries or consultations on the design, development, and manufacture of parts for construction equipment, please contact:

  • Telephone:078-975-8221
  • Facsimile:078-976-8552

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