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The Kanehiro brand

Environmental initiatives

Environmental policies

  1. We make every effort to satisfy environmental management system requirements, to make constant improvements to the system, and to preserve the Earth’s ecology.
  2. We make every effort to conform to environmental regulations and to offer products and services that have been developed and manufactured in an ecologically sound manner.
  3. We recognize and fulfill our social responsibilities to coexist harmoniously with nature and protect the Earth’s environment.
  4. We have established specific targets for preventing the pollution of—and preserving the soundness—of our environment, and have implemented measures to achieve those targets.
  5. We proactively disclose environmental data to our employees, our community, and other interested parties as part of our efforts to promote communication with all our stakeholders.

For people and for the global environment

We recognize the importance of maintaining strong relationships with all stakeholders, and promote environmental initiatives as part of our efforts to develop strong roots in the community.

Sharp solar panels

In December, 2014, we began operation of a solar power system at our Headquarters No. 1 and No. 2 Plants.
At present, we have installed 240 Sharp solar panels on the roof of our headquarters building and 144 more at our No. 2 Plant, which supply a maximum of 96 kilowatts via the power conditioning facilities at each plant.

Electrical power output can be checked from this monitor in the first floor lobby of our headquarters building. Solar power panels on the roof of our No. 2 Plant.

Real-time statistics about solar power generation are shown on a monitor in the first floor lobby of our headquarters building.
We keep detailed records of the data displayed here in order to track seasonal changes in power generation and conservation.

Our solar power system generates approximately 105,960 kilowatt hours of electrical power in the course of a year, which is equivalent to roughly the electrical power generated from 120 drums of petroleum fuel but without emitting any CO2 into the atmosphere.

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