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Kanehiro Co., Ltd.

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Since 1997, when we were operating as a trading firm rather than the manufacturer we are today, we have procured parts for construction equipment from China, Taiwan, and South Korea. Since pivoting our business to concentrate on producing parts for construction equipment, we have exported primarily to Asia but also to the USA and other countries worldwide. In the midst of remarkable urban development in China pushing the demand for construction equipment, we established two Chinese subsidiaries: Kanehiro Machinery Company (Shanghai), Limited, in 2005 and Kanehiro (Shanghai) Trade Company, Limited, in 2006. With our eyes on the global market, we set out to expand our business activities and heighten customer satisfaction as specialists in body parts for construction equipment.

The three pillars that underpin Kanehiro’s global strategy.

Workforce development

Kanehiro employees from Japan are posted overseas to ensure that our production policies are implemented in all our locations and to help seek and develop local talent.

Optimal quality

We consider QCD to have the highest priority in all countries – no market is relegated to an inferior standard of QCD – and we make every effort not only to provide the same consistent quality found in Japan but to constantly improve on that quality, as well.

Respect for culture

We recognize the importance of local culture and business practices and proactively adopt ideas and proposals from our local employees.

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