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Kanehiro Co., Ltd.

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The Kanehiro brand

Milestones in Kanehiro’s history

History of Kanehiro

60 years of Kanehiro history

Kanehiro was founded in 1952 as a small hardware retailer named Kanehiro Shoten.
In the intervening years, we have evolved to keep ahead of the changing times,
first specializing in the sale of industrial machinery,
then specializing in the sale construction equipment parts,
before finally pivoting to become a manufacturer of body parts
for construction equipment.
These three turning points are the major milestones in our growth into specialists
in body parts for construction equipment.
These days, we seek to enhance our business operations
by strengthening our production organization
through front-loading of the product development process,
as well as by strengthening our logistical organization
to achieve cost reductions through global procurement.

1952 The late Tsunesaburo Hashimoto establishes Kanehiro Shoten in Akashi, Hyogo, as a retailer of carpenter tools and architectural fittings.
1965 Business expands to include machine tools.
1970 Company incorporates as Kanehiro Kizai K.K.
1974 Business expands to include industrial machinery.
1980 Business expands to include automated assembly equipment.
1982 Business expands to include body parts for construction equipment.
1991 Company name changed to Kanehiro Co., Ltd.
1992 Hiro Hashimoto succeeds Tsunesaburo Hashimoto as president.
1993 Headquarters building is rebuilt.
1997 Overseas procurement begins, with materials sourced from China, Taiwan, and Korea.
2003 The Moritomo Plant is built in Kobe, and a Manufacturing Division is established.
2004 The Hiroshima Sales Office is established.
2005 The Moritomo Plant is moved and expanded as the Manufacturing and Logistics Divisions are merged.
A manufacturing division is established in China: Kanehiro Machinery Company (Shanghai), Limited.
2006 A trading division is established in China: Kanehiro (Shanghai) Trade Company, Limited.
2008 The China plant is moved and expanded.
2009 A new headquarters plant is built in Kobe.
2011 The No. 2 Plant is built on a site adjacent to the headquarters plant.
2014 ISO 9001:2004 certification is acquired.
2015 Floor space at the headquarters No. 2 plant is expanded, and laser processing equipment is installed.
Planned acquisition of ISO 14001 certification.
  • Site of the original Kanehiro Shoten
  • Old headquarters building in Akashi
  • Old China Plant
  • New China Plant
  • Headquarters Plant
  • Headquarters No. 2 Plant

2016 Scheduled completion of a new factory in the Itsukaichi Industrial Park in Hiroshima.

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