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Kanehiro Co., Ltd.

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Optimal quality, cost, and delivery.Our product development activities enable us to more deeply understand our customers’ QCD requirements.

The first step in our development workflow is to receive a request for the development of a new part, which we use to prepare specifications based on our manufacturing processes. We prepare an initial design using 3D CAD, and after undergoing prototype verification at our development department, we correlate once more with the customer before presenting our proposed specifications. Once final agreement with the customer on the proposed specifications is reached, we use our 3D measurement devices, profile measurement devices, and other inspection instruments to prepare an analysis that is used as the basis for creation of a production process, which is documented in a QC schedule. During a production trial, we create a manufacturing process, and pilot production is performed to verify all production processes, until a final production schedule is determined. This series of events is known as “frontloading,” during which we proactively work to achieve quality, cost, and delivery that will ensure customer satisfaction.

Kanehiro’s development organization and workflow


For inquiries or consultations on the design, development, and manufacture of parts for construction equipment, please contact:

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