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Safety initiatives

Safety and sanitation policies

  1. Protecting human life and health through thorough safety and sanitation are our top business priorities, and we are committed to proactive initiatives to ensure these are realized.
  2. We follow all safety and sanitation guidelines to ensure the health and wellbeing of everyone who works at Kanehiro.
  3. We are always alert to potential dangers and give first priority to avoiding danger in any emergency situation.
Tatsuya Shono
Headquarters Manufacturing Dept., No. 2 Manufacturing Group Assistant ManagerTatsuya Shono
A safety manager’s opinion

Safety is a fundamental.

I’m involved in the manufacture of body parts for construction equipment. In order to ensure safety in the workplace, we have strict safety policies that each of our employees is expected to follow. The essential point here is the onus on every individual to comply. So, for example, we have established lines of movement to as part of our accident planning regime. Therefore, it is essential that each and every employee is careful on a daily basis not to leave objects blocking those lines of movement. Another example is the strict rules about calling a stop to work when there are indications (e.g. smells or noise) of problems with equipment. This not only helps prevent those in the immediate vicinity from exposing themselves to danger, but helps keep those in surrounding areas safe, as well. It’s important for people who see a potentially dangerous situation to inform others before an accident happens. Whether talking about work in general or the importance of maintaining safety specifically, the manner in which you share information can make a big impact in how others understand what they’re being told. That’s why it’s important to bear in mind that others have their own ideas and to think about the best way to explain things. And of course, we must always remember to lead by example.

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