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Management philosophy and
a word from our president

Management Philosophy

Commitment to the community We commit ourselves to understanding our customers’ requirements, to developing and manufacturing products with superior added value, and to contributing to the growth of our community, in the spirit of mutual cooperation and prosperity.
Thought and commitment to meet any challenge We are committed to acquiring the skills necessary to think about the world around us from a long-term, all-encompassing, and fundamental perspective, to setting our own goals for personal development, and to meeting any challenge that presents itself.
Execution We will continue to work diligently to make improvements that enable us to execute our plans in a manner that can be appreciated by anyone.
Personal and organizational development We recognize the importance of learning new things as we grow together with our customers and work to achieve an overall balance between personal and organizational development.
Global environmental conservation We recognize the importance of environmental conservation and pledge to remain always an eco-friendly corporation.

A word from our president

Striving to hold the no. 1 share of the market for construction equipment parts. Hiro Hashimoto, president

Ever since the founding of Kanehiro Shoten in 1952, we have developed with changing times in response to society’s needs, first specializing in the sales of industrial equipment and then specializing in the sales of parts for construction equipment, before finally becoming a manufacturer of body parts for construction equipment. These three turning points are the major milestones in our growth into Kanehiro Co., Ltd.’s present position as specialists in body parts for construction equipment.

And in that time, our field of core expertise has grown into a global market for construction equipment.

We are presently enhancing our business operations by front-loading product development processes, strengthening our production organization, and improving our worldwide logistics network to achieve cost reductions through global procurement, thereby providing our customers with optimal quality, cost, and delivery.

Even as this market grows and expands on a global scale, we continue to demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit that prioritizes “thought and commitment to meet any challenge” by standing in our customers’ shoes, with one eye firmly on the world and the other firmly on the future.

We continue to face the challenge of serving the market for development-and-proposal-based products.

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