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Plants and equipment

Kanehiro Plants

Kanehiro currently operates three manufacturing facilities: Our Headquarters No. 1 and No. 2 Plants, located in Nishi-ku, Kobe, and our Shanghai Plant, located in Songjiang Industrial Zone, Shanghai, China. We also plan to open a new Hiroshima Plant in 2016.

Facility Floor area General purpose material handling equipment Plant processes
Headquarters No. 1 Plant
  • 1st floor: Approx.1,400m²
  • 2nd floor: Approx.980m²
  • 2.8-tonne overhead crane (three units)
  • 1.0-tonne overhead crane (two units)
  • 1.5-tonne elevator (one unit)
Large welded structures, thick welded joint, horizontal boring, and machining
Medium welded structures, functional parts assembly
Headquarters No. 2 Plant
  • 1st floor: Approx.580m²
  • 2nd floor: Approx.370m²
  • 2.8-tonne overhead crane (two units)
  • 1.0-tonne elevator (one unit)
Material processing (laser cutting, press brake, press forming)
Painting, sealing(under planning)
Shanghai Plant, China Roughly 2,000m² 3.0-tonne overhead crane (two units) Press forming, functional part assembly, machining
Logistics Center Roughly 1,600m² Materials storage, finished parts storage
Hiroshima Plant (under planning)
  • 1st floor: Approx.1,750m²
  • 2nd floor: Approx.1,750m²
  • 5.0-tonne overhead crane (two units)
  • 2.8-tonne overhead crane (one unit)
  • 1.0-tonne elevator (one unit)
  • (under planning)
Large welded structures, machining(tentative)
Medium welded structures (under planning)
  • Headquarters No. 1 PlantHeadquarters No. 1 Plant
  • Headquarters No. 2 PlantHeadquarters No. 2 Plant
  • Shanghai Plant, ChinaShanghai Plant, China
  • Logistics CenterLogistics Center

Plant equipment

Material processing line

This line is where sheet steel is cut, formed, and machined as necessary to make parts that are subsequently sent to the different manufacturing lines. A CO₂ laser machining center with a state-of-the-art 4.5-kW CO₂ laser head was installed in May, 2015, and is capable of handling up to ten sheets of steel as thick as 25 mm and as large as 3.0 × 1.5 mm in size during long-term automated operation. Also, each press brake is connected via a LAN to our integrated production system, which synchronizes production and optimizes delivery of more than 1,000 different parts to the manufacturing lines.

  • Laser beam machining centerLaser beam machining center
  • Press brakePress brake
Major equipment
Laser beam machining center Mitsubishi Electric ML3015eX (Toku)-45CF-R
Rated output: 4,500W
Workpiece size: 3,050mm × 1,525mm
Pallet stocker slots: 10
1 unit
Bending machine Yamada HD1703LNT
Bending length: 3,310mm
Pressurization capacity: 1,700kN
Drive unit: hybrid drive
1 unit

Large structure welding line (300kg – 2.5t)

This line is where we manufacture large steel structures known as deck frames, on which the cabin, engine, and a variety of hydraulic devices are mounted. It includes a large welding table, big enough for assembling structures as large as 5m x 3m, as well as two one-ton, triple-axis positioners and two dual-axis positioners. This line is used for the precision assembly of large, complex structures and permits downhand welding of all weld points. It is also equipped with automated guided vehicles (AGV), which minimize material handling losses, thereby achieving low-cost, high-productivity manufacturing.

Headquarters No. 1 Plant, large structure welding lineHeadquarters No. 1 Plant, large structure welding line


Major equipment
Welding table
  • Large special table: 6,000mm×1,300mm
  • Large special table: 3,050mm×1,520mm
  • 1 unit
  • 2 units


Semiautomatic welder
  • Panasonic YD-350KR2
  • Panasonic KR II 350
  • 6 units
  • 7 units
Positioner Line Works New Skette 1000CL
Model: Cantilever triple axis
Max. load: 1,000kg
2 units
Line Works New Skette 1000S
Model: dual axis
Max. load: 1,000kg
2 units

Thick joint welding and horizontal boring line (20kg – 500kg)

This line is primarily used for the welding and machining of stress mechanism parts for construction equipment. Many of the products manufactured on this line are “critical safety parts.” Failure of these parts during operation of the equipment could cause personal injury, which means that they require especially high levels of welding quality and dimensional accuracy during machining. We also have in-house facilities for painting as well as magnetic particle, ultrasonic, and other types of non-destructive testing, and our quality control system provides the traceability necessary to meet all customer requirements for quality.

  • Boring machineBoring machine

Major equipment
Semiautomatic welder Panasonic YD-500KR2
Panasonic YD-350KR2
Panasonic KR II 350
Panasonic YD-190SL7
Panasonic YD-160SL7
3 units
2 units
1 unit
2 units
1 unit
Horizontal boring machine Mitsubishi Heavy Industries MHT1416
Main spindle diameter: 130mm
Worktable area: 1,400mm ×1,600mm
Calibration: 0.001° increments
Rated load: 8,000kg
Main spindle travel
X-axis: 2,000mm
Y-axis: 1,500mm
Z-axis: 1,300mm
ATC units: 60
1 unit

Bushing line

The bushing line is where a wide variety of bearings are produced for use in the arms, booms, buckets, and other movable parts of power shovels. These parts require a high level of precision and are produced under the strictest standards of our quality control system. Final inspection of completed parts is performed in an inspection facility with 24-hour temperature control, using precision inspection equipment per our quality assurance system based in statistical methods.

  • Bushing lineBushing line
Major equipment
  Japan plants China plants
CNC combination lathe
  • Okuma LB3000EX-MC500
  • Okuma LB3000EX II-MT
  • 1 unit
  • 1 unit
Kitaichi Okuma LBR370M 2 units
CNC lathe
  • Okuma GENOS L400
  • Okuma LCS-25
  • Okuma LCS-15
1 unit
3 units
1 unit
  • Kitaichi Okuma LBR370
  • Takizawa TC203C
2 units
2 units
NC inside-diameter grinder Okuma GI-10N 3 units Okuma GI-10N-R 2 units
Slotter Yamage Ironworks MY-150 1 unit

Stamping line

The stamping line is where metal sheets are formed into parts. Many of the parts made here are used in small functional components. We manufacture in close proximity to the customer to ensure optimal manufacturing and optimal supply.

  • Headquarters No. 2 Plant, stamping lineHeadquarters No. 2 Plant, stamping line
  • Shanghai Plant, stamping lineShanghai Plant, stamping line
Major equipment
  Japan plants China plants
Mechanical press
  • Komatsu 150t OBS-150-3B
  • Komatsu 110-tonne OBS-110-3
  • Komatsu 80-tonne OBS- 80-3B
  • 1 unit
  • 1 unit
  • 1 unit
  • CHZN FONG 260-tonne OCP-260N
  • CHZN FONG 200-tonne OCP-200
  • CHZN FONG 160-tonne OCP-160N
  • CHZN FONG 110-tonne OCP-110N
  • CHZN FONG 80-tonne OCP-80N
  • CHZN FONG 60-tonne OCP-60E
  • 1 unit
  • 1 unit
  • 1 unit
  • 2 units
  • 4 units
  • 3 units
Washino 110-tonne PUX110KRC 1 unit

Crimping and assembly line

This line is where hinges, door locks, and other small functional components are produced. We manufacture in close proximity to the customer to ensure optimal manufacturing and optimal supply.

Major equipment
  Japan plants China plants
Crimping machine
  • Yoshikawa Ironworks US-150
  • Yoshikawa Ironworks US-70
  • 2 units
  • 3 units
  • Yoshikawa Ironworks US-150
  • Yoshikawa Ironworks US-70
  • 5 units
  • 1 unit
Spot welder Panasonic YR-350CM2 1 unit CHZN FONG YR-350C 1 unit

Inspection equipment

Advanced inspection equipment is essential to the assurance of consistent levels of quality. At Kanehiro, we utilize a wide range of advanced inspection equipment, starting with our gantry-type 3D measurement device that is used for precision measurements in a temperature-controlled environment and including devices such as a portable 3D measurement device that can be used for highly accurate, on-site measurements of large steel structures, a profile measurement device, and a projector.

Major equipment
  Japan plants China plants
Gantry-type 3D measurement device Mitsutoyo Crysta-Plus M776 1 unit
Portable 3D measurement device
  • Measurement range: 3.7 m
  • 1 unit
  • 1 unit
Profile measurement device Tokyo Seimitsu CONTOURECORD160G 1 unit Tokyo Seimitsu CONTOURECORD160G 1 unit
Projector Mitsutoyo PJ-H30 1 unit
Surface roughness tester Mitsutoyo SJ-400 1 unit Mitsutoyo SJ-400 1 unit


3D computer-assisted design is indispensable to the support of our manufacturing processes and is used for 3D design, stress analysis, and other forms of numerical analysis. Our development departments also are equipped with the devices necessary for fracture or durability testing. These are used in the development of the small functional components needed when we make proposals for mechanical parts with custom-designed mechanisms. These activities are how we stay abreast of our customers’ design needs from the very start of development, as we frontload in order to respond more accurately to customer needs.

Major equipment
3DCAD Dassault Systems
SolidWorks Professional
License for 1 unit

Kanehiro’s development organization and workflow

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